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Right now beautiful brows are stealing the limelight

It's all about big, bold and natural eyebrows, with high fashion models like Cara Delevinge and Hollywood celebs making bolder eyebrows a mainstream beauty trend.

bold eyebrows

The buzz word is…..natural!
High arched eyebrows are back, but less extreme. Steer clear of pencil- thin and angular over exaggerated arches and opt for a medium soft curve for a natural looking result.

Why choose bold, strong eyebrows?
Your eyebrows frame your eyes and enhance your natural beauty.
So why is bold the new best thing when it comes to your eyebrows? Here are the benefits to growing your brows into a bolder, thicker shape:

  • Soften your features: When done properly, strong eyebrows alone can serve as foundation for a soft, and naturally beautiful look.
  • Counteract dark circles: The bold, thick eyebrows can draw away from dark circles.
  • Younger looking: They help you look more youthful, more radiant.

Bold doesn’t have to necessarily imply bushy, or completely dark. The intensity of the brows should always reflect your personal idea of beauty. The rules are quite simple, eyebrows should complement and balance your features, rounder features require angular brows, while angular or irregular features require softer eyebrows. The less you pluck the more natural in size and shape you keep them. 

How to get beautiful brows

Here at Marion Hair and Beauty we can help you achieve big, bold and beautiful eyebrows with our professional eyebrow service. However, we may need a little help from you! To achieve this look, it’s best to avoid plucking your eyebrows so as to let them grow back. We understand that you may feel anxious as they are growing, but if you are keen to achieve this look, you can most certainly look forward to the benefits with a little patience. Once your eyebrows have grown we can perfectly sculpt them to ensure they are big and bold, yet beautifully maintained.


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