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Showpony Tape Hair Extensions

Want instant volume or length for thin or short hair? The secret is hair extensions.

Showpony human hair extensions Adelaide

At Marion Hair + Beauty we use and love Showpony tape hair extensions because they’re made of real hair, so you can style just as you normally would. You can blow-dry, curl, straighten, colour, cut and add any products you would normally use. They are soft and manageable in texture and are free from sulphates and parabens. As they are applied using tape they are less expensive than fusion or weave extensions and if properly cared for can be put back in time and time again.

The beauty of Showpony extensions is the tape. The weight is distributed so the pull on your natural hair is minimal. For each extension, a tape is applied to the top and bottom of a small section of hair, sandwiching your natural hair in the middle. They lie flat against your head so you can’t feel or see them at all.

The extensions last between 6 to 8 weeks. Then you have two options (1) you can remove them and re-apply so you don’t have re-growth or (2) you can remove them and keep your extensions to use at another time.
When applied correctly hair extensions should not cause any damage to the growth and condition of your natural hair. However, hair extensions can turn ugly when they are not applied correctly and if they not cared for.

Advice for Hair Extensions:
1. Make sure your hair extensions are applied by a competent, skilled and professional hair stylist. At Marion Hair + Beauty we have a number of fully trained stylists to apply and maintain your hair extensions.
2. Use hair extensions that are made from quality hair. We use and recommend Showpony 100% human hair extensions.
3. Brush hair extensions with a soft, flexible brush.
4. Keep oils away from the roots in order to prevent the tape from slipping.
5. At bedtime, put your hair in a loose plait or braid so it doesn't get matted or tangled while you sleep.
6. Maintain and care for your hair extensions. We recommend using the ShowPony Hair Extension Care Pack that includes a shampoo, conditioner and luminous mist.

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