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Going From Long Hair to Short Hair

Jennifer Lawrence pixie hair cutJennifer Lawrence made headlines around the world when she posted a photo of her new pixie cut, and she’s not the only Hollywood star to embrace a short hair style.

If this is making you consider a new hairdo, first think about the shape of your face, neck and shoulders. The shorter the hairstyle, the more it will emphasize your facial features.

To quickly test whether a cropped cut will flatter, pull your hair back into a ponytail. Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror straight on?

If you're saying yes then read these tips before making the cut:


The Pixie Cut

For square or round faces, a shorter pixie cut with volume in the crown, will draw attention away from your jawline and give the impression of a more elongated face shape.

For heart or oval faces, a pixie cut would be just the thing to accentuate your delicate facial features.

pixie hair cuts

The Bob

If the pixie cut seems too drastic, perhaps a bob is a better choice for you.

For women with wider faces, a chin-length bob will elongate the face.

For long faces, a mid-cheek bob that will make the face appear shorter.

bob hair cuts

Don't Forget:

Make sure you communicate with your stylist about exactly what you want. Bring a lot of photos with you.

Make regular salon appointments after your haircut to keep your style looking fresh.



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